The unsuccessful dentistry

What is even more unique about Southern Market is how two women entrepreneurs, a mother and daughter team, not only created this extraordinary business success, but also how they created a retail platform for other aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to follow their business dreams as well. In this issue of Everything Knoxville, we are pleased to share with our readers our recent interview with Southern Market owner, Susan Worthington. Tell our readers how Southern Market first began.

The unsuccessful dentistry

News articles and News Releases around the plebiscite in Calgary A crack appears in the fluoride front After surveying the growing evidence, a high-profile advocate has second thoughts about the safety of fluoride By Michael Downey Special to The Toronto Star, April 25, Two years ago, parents in the United States began noticing the word "poison" on their toothpaste tubes.

Health Canada has not followed the U. But attitudes toward fluoride in this country are also beginning to change. Hardy Limeback is a leading Canadian fluoride authority who is often cited by health officials in their defense of fluoridated water.

He is also a long-standing consultant to the Canadian Dental Association and a professor of dentistry at the University of Toronto. But in an interview last week, he conceded that fluoride may be destroying our bones, our teeth and our overall health. Although he still believes fluoride in toothpaste is effective against tooth decay, he says it doesn't need The unsuccessful dentistry be added to our water and we may be taking unnecessary risks by doing so.

The only benefit comes with direct contact with the teeth. Torontonians have double the fluoride levels in their hip bones compared to Montreal, where water is not fluoridated.

In parts of China, India and Turkey where water is naturally high in fluoride, residents tend to age early and die before the age of 50, weak, arthritic and hunched over.

Women give birth to dead babies after pregnancies of only four months. Children under three should never use fluoridated toothpaste. Or drink fluoridated water. And baby formula must never be made up using Toronto tap water. Hardy Limeback, Fluoride expert The earliest symptom?

Mottled and brittle teeth, a condition known as dental fluorosis. The condition weakens teeth, making them porous and thus easily stained. The mottled spots start off white but typically turn brown. It's permanent and recurring, and treating it is very costly.

If this description sounds familiar, there's a good reason. Limeback says "most" of the children he treats in his Mississauga practise suffer dental fluorosis, and by some estimates, 60 per cent of all children living in fluoridated areas have it. What causes it in these children is not just the water.

Young children do not have the reflexes to avoid swallowing toothpaste when brushing their teeth. Some even enjoy the taste of it.

And because they're developing rapidly, children are more susceptible to the negative effects of fluoride buildup. In fluoridated areas, people should never use fluoride supplements.

We tried to get them banned for children but the dentists wouldn't even look at the evidence we presented," says Limeback, emphasizing that we are now spending more treating dental fluorosis than we would spend treating cavities if water were not fluoridated.

The unsuccessful dentistry

For decades, anti-fluoride activists have blamed fluoride which is only slightly less poisonous than arsenic for a variety of problems, including osteoporosis, bone cancer, kidney problems, arthritis, genetic damage and birth defects, premature aging, lowered intelligence, and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.

Although there are numerous studies suggesting links between fluoride and various illnesses, pro-fluoridationists have always contended - correctly - that the exact effects of long-term fluoridation on our bodies have not been established beyond a shadow of a doubt.

As Chris Clark, a high-profile fluoride booster and professor of dentistry at the University of British Columbia, says, "There is no proof that fluoride causes brittle bones or cancer" at current concentrations.Keeping your smile healthy for life.

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