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Justice is Better than Injustice. Rejection of Mimetic Art X. Immortality of the Soul X.

Hire Writer He ends by reiterating his first statement of how Eros is the oldest of the Gods and is the most honored and men gain the most honors by following her wisdom.

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The second man who speaks is Pausanias about the two aspects of love. One of which is the common type which exist only for the sexual gratification of men, for loving the physically of love sensual nature.

And the other speaks of homosexuality as the pursuit of honor and wisdom. He speaks of pedophilia in terms of love and Athenian law. He begins by saying that the object of affection may be a woman or a man.

However he says that the person who is loved must not be a boy but a person who has reached maturity. He goes into a discussion of Athenian law saying that it supports the cause of love however it does not support a love which is forced upon someone. He says that a boy should not surrender because of fear, abuse, and contempt or for any political or monetary gains since such a sacrifice is a disgrace.

Platos the symposium essay

Rather the sacrifice should be one of virtue and with a heart that would do anything for love. Eryximachus is the third man who speaks. At first it is seen that it is Aristophanes turn however he is not able to recover from his hiccups necessitating the substitution.

Eryximachus instead of speaking about love in a philosophical sense decides to speak of it in a purely medicinal sense. How the aspects of love govern various parts of society.

And how its principles govern the health of an individual, he also says that a knowledgeable person knows how to transform these desires by affecting the body. This is followed by Aristophanes who is considered the comic relief of the symposium and was also the greatest comic poet of Athens.

He speaks of the story of live as he sees it.

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He says that once people were globular spheres of three sexes. Man, woman and an androgynous mixture of the two. They decided to climb the heavens and defy Zeus, who not wanting to lose their offerings and worship decided to divide them in half. Thereafter he molded them into the men and women of today.

According to Aristophanes the reason why people always say they are looking for their other half is exactly for this reason, it is because they have lost a part of themselves.

He also saw homosexuals as the most courageous individuals in society, as heterosexual males and females usually have adulterous and lecherous characteristics.

He ends with a warning that men should fear the Gods and should continue worshipping them or they might find themselves chopped in half again. Agathon is next and he complains that the speakers before him have not given enough credit to the blessings of the God of love himself.

He says that this God is responsible for keeping men young and shuns old age. That it is light and never settles where there is no bud to bloom. He also implies that many of the best characteristics of man such as bravery, knowledge and justice, his explanation however his superficial and emotionless He is followed by Socrates who begins by complimenting Agathon which is more of a customary practice and then courteously asks his host and asks if he may point out the insufficiencies in his speech.Plato’s Symposium is a philosophical tome written by him.

The book details the various intricacies of love including its nature and its place in society, its very purpose. Symposium by Plato Questions and Answers.

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Platos the symposium essay

The Clouds (Ancient Greek: Νεφέλαι Nephelai) is a Greek comedy play written by the celebrated playwright Aristophanes.A lampooning of intellectual fashions in classical Athens, it was originally produced at the City Dionysia in BC and was not as well received as the author had hoped, coming last of the three plays competing at the festival that year.

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Dieser Artikel behandelt den antiken Philosophen Platon. Andere Träger des Namens Platon bzw. Plato sowie weitere Bedeutungen sind unter Plato aufgeführt.

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