Narrative essay visit to disney

It is a short form of a narrative novel. Its main objective is to tell a story that it is both engaging and interesting to the reader.

Narrative essay visit to disney

I went to the best place in the planet, Disney World. It was my first time visiting Disney World and my second time in the United States. Everything started when I entered Luis F. Crespo high school in Camuy P.

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I found out there were certain educational trips to the Niagara Falls, Disney World, Canada and many more. Once I found out about those trips I wanted to know everything about them. The one that interested me the most was the Disney trip because I had never gone there and of what it offered, so I talked about it with my parents and they said I could go.

I was so excited I wanted to go that same year but it was expensive so I had to save money and wait until my second year.

The second year finally came, I was in the eleventh grade and I was more anxious than ever. As the end of the first semester was closing in I found out six of my friends -three males and three females- were going to that same trip.

The feeling of knowing that my first time to Disney World would be with six friends of mine was incomparable. My idea of how the trip would be got even better. Throughout the entire second semester we were talking about the trip.

Summer had finally arrived.

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Our trip was scheduled for June On that day we all got together in the airport with our families as we waited to board the airplane.

They were waving their hands as they said goodbye. Even so I felt happy and excited. Once we boarded the plane we got the instructions from the flight attendant and the plane took off.

Thankfully one of my friends sat next to me and we were making jokes and laughing all the way. As I was looking out the window we got the message that we were going to be landing soon.

The time of waiting ended, I was finally in Florida. In the airport there was a bus waiting for us, we got in and it took us to a welcoming party in a restaurant.

Narrative essay visit to disney

There we met our guide and they showed us pictures and videos about previous trips. We danced, singed and ate a lot. It was only the first day and I was already satisfied.

We had a blast!Oct 29,  · A Trip to Disneyland Back when I was younger I always loved Disneyland, it was my favorite place to go on vacation/ I loved getting away and experiencing shows and rides and a lot of other things that you couldn’t do while you were at home.

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Start concrete, build a ladder of events or moments, and try to end with an abstract realization or idea or moral of the story.

Narrative essay visit to disney

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