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This is an appendix to the essay, "Tourist Alert: Voiceover Karen Bryant had never been in trouble with the law. She was headed home to her two children after a weeklong church convention, when an unmarked car began following her.

What did you think it was? I had no idea. Didn't look like a police car? It looked like a white sports car. Voiceover The man driving turned on a blue flashing light, similar to this one and pulled her over.

He was wearing a plain brown jacket and showed no identification. And he walked up to the car and he said, 'I'm police Roll your window down. legit

Voiceover Karen had heard about the so-called "Blue light" rapist, who impersonated being a police officer. And now, a man who had gotten out of an unmarked car was asking her to get out of her car.

I said, 'Well I'm not getting out of my car or rolling my window down until you show me some credentials. Why were you running? Because I thought he was going to kill me.

Voiceover Karen Bryant did what women have been told to do in that situation: She sped to a gas station, where she hoped to call police. But the man in the sports car caught her and tore her from her car.

And he threw me on the car and handcuffed me. Voiceover The man in the unmarked car turned out to be sheriffs deputy Dennis Fontenot - a six-foot, pound weightlifter, who claimed Bryant had improperly changed lanes.

And when Bryant threatened to call a lawyer: He said, 'If you're going to act like an ass, we're going to treat you like an ass. Voiceover They took Bryant to jail, where Deputy Fontenot ordered her strip-searched. She says it was the most humiliating moment in her life.

The type of strip search they issued or ordered was a cavity search. I mean, I felt sub-in-subhuman. I was being treated subhumanly. Voiceover Karen Bryant sued and the sheriff settled the case out of court. Deputy Fontenot was fired. Voiceover So why, when we caught up with him, was he still in uniform?

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