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Interviewing for a manager position is substantially different than interveiwing for an entry-level job. As a manager you're not only responsible for your own production, but that of a team or an entire department -- a lot is riding on your ability to perform. Hiring managers and prospective employers have to make sure you're the right manager for the job.

Management and answer selected answer

Your first task in this new position is to develop a project portfolio management process and then use this process to select projects for your SBUs portfolio. The expected outputs from this Case Study will be in the form of a two part written report due week five.

Background The senior management of your company has already made the strategic decisions to allocate annual funding to each of the Strategic Business Units SBU within the company. You have been hired to manage one of the companies SBUs.

It realizes in order to survive it needs to both expand and control costs at the same time. You are new to this industry. This company currently is in the travel and hotel support industry. As such, you supply support services to the travel and hotel industry such as linen services to cruise ships and major hotel chains in the Southeastern United States.

This company is home based in Tampa, Florida, as most of your business is in that geographic area. You are in charge of the Operations SBU and responsible for the management of a product portfolio in this strategic business unit.

There are a number of projects already in progress, but there has not been a good portfolio management process in place. The parent company has set the following strategic goals for the entire company: Part 1 First, develop project selection criteria and a high level process for applying the criteria and managing the portfolio.

You are proposing a process, not individual projects. The deliverable for Part 1 is a written proposal for the project selection criteria and a high level description of a proposed portfolio management process. You may also be expected to make an informal presentation of the report in class.

The proposal should be in the form of a memorandum to your Vice President your instructor outlining your proposal. The memorandum should be no more than 10 pages, including any figures and tables. It should be double-spaced, 10 or 12 point font with one-inch margins.

Management and answer selected answer

This is a summary for an executive, so be concise, to the point, and leave out the fluff. Using appropriate grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure will be part of your grade.

The actual proposal should include the following: A description of the proposed portfolio process.managers and team members need to be selected on merit; managers need to earn the respect of their staff, patients, and supervisors; managers need to have the knowledge, skills and understanding of the role, l CHAPTER 10 l .

Documentation procedures are not required for conīŦguration and change management processes. Answer Selected Answer: 1.

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Answer Tut Uploaded by. Ayrton Widiutomo. Answer Tut8. Uploaded by. Ayrton Widiutomo.5/5(1). We bring you compiled UGC NET Management previous year question papers with answer keys and preparations tips in this blog. Click to find out. PROJ Advanced Program Management Week 5 Case Study Complete A+ Answer PROJ Advanced Program Management Week 5 Case Study Complete A+ Answer PROJ Advanced Program Management Week 5 Case Study Complete A+ Answer Case Study The Case Study for PROJ will place the student in the role of a senior manager in charge of one of your company's .

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