It looked like spilt milk writing activities

Accountable Talk Stem Cards. I said, "Today we are going to learn about opinions.

It looked like spilt milk writing activities

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One of our school's best teacher had this great idea to take one leg of hose, fill it with dirt, binding sections with a rubber band along the way and then seeding it all with grass. Once it grows the kids will use scissors to "mow" the grass.

I bound them together with a ring. We worked in groups and went outside placing our paint cards next to nature and look thru the window to see if we could match the color. Much harder than you would think but it was a wonderful science activity full of discovery.

it looked like spilt milk writing activities

We Are Actually Growing Pumpkins!! This is the garden right outside my backdoor. Every fall I throw our old pumpkins out here. Usually the seeds do sprout and we talk about the shoots but this year the elementary kids have left them alone and we have pumpkin vines growing!

We have several vines growing- one is growing in the shrub. Materials are order forms, vi s-a-vis markers, tissue paper and different colored flowers from the Dollar Tree.

I cut apart each flower off the bouquet and stored them in vases. I then cut some green tissue paper also bought at Dollar Tree into squares.

I have necklaces for each child to wear according to their job- florist of customer. Each "customer" will fill out an order form marking how many of each colored flower they want. The "florist" fills the order counting out each flower then wrapping their bouquet in tissue paper.

it looked like spilt milk writing activities

How Do Plants Feed? I put romaine lettuce in colored water. Here is a pic from day 1. They look nice on our wall. FANS We made fans by drawing a hot sunny day scene first then fan-folded our paper.

Mounted it on TP rolls. Add pipe cleaner stems and leaves. Dip the bottom of coke bottles into paint and press onto construction paper.A read-aloud storytime favorite in a big book version!


Word repetition and a mystery shape that shifts from page to page help capture children’s attention and inspire their imagination. Softcover big book by Charles G.

Shaw measures approximately 19" and is 32 pages. It Looked Like Spilt Milk Today I will share a simple, summer-appropriate lesson idea using the book “It Looked Like Spilt Milk” by Charles G. Shaw. I chose this . I got this idea for "It Looked Like Spilt Milk" from the preschool Mailbox --can't remember which one.

Spoon out a blob of whipped cream on waxed paper for each child. honor the wonderful activities that are happening in each classroom. Your It looked Like Spilt Milk; If You Give a Mouse a Cookie) Literacy in the Preschool Classroom - 9 C I R C L E T I M E.

Storytime 2: Read It Looked Like Spilt Milk. Before you read the book, bring a tray with Milk and tray paper writing utensils teacher made cloud cutouts Weather Unit - DLM Weather Unit with added Storm activities. Dec 05,  · It Looked Like Spilt Milk, a Rewrite The essential questions for this unit of study are: How does reading help me become a better writer? What can I learn from other authors and illustrators? How can I make use of the craft of other authors and illustrators in my writing and drawing? My favorite thing about teaching is creating activities based off of children’s books! Today I’ll share with you how I use one of my all time favorite books, “It Looked Like Spilt Milk,” to create a fun writing and art activity for early learners. These activities are suitable in small groups or centers.

Rhyme Time Board: This activity is used every day to end circle time. Each child is given a turn. Writing comics is a great way to kids to work on both reading and writing skills.

It’s also a lot of fun! Kids get to practice working with the elements of a story–characters, setting, plot, conflict and conclusion–in a . NEW! - BONUS Mini Literacy Unit - Little Cloud by Eric Carle and It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles Shaw Based on the Sight Word and Alphabet Program Recently added Mini Theme Unit This mini theme unit offers curriculum-based follow-up lesson plans and activities in relation to reading the focus literature selections.

It Looked Like Spilt Milk Preschool Activities for the Classroom