Hero of rezang la

A memorial in Rewariwhere most of the Ahir soldiers came from, claims that 1, Chinese soldiers were killed in the battle.

Hero of rezang la

We reached in about days on October 26 and reported to the Corps HQ and were asked to proceed to Bomdi La with whatever transport we could lay our hands on.

At Bomdi La, 1st Madras was already in position and the rest of the area devoid of troops.

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Indian troops being inspected before leaving their posts in the Ladakh border region during the war between India and China, So after a recce, I deployed the 1 Sikh LI on the left flack with their 4 companies and retained the 5 Guards in a depth position.

Battalion parties went to prepare camps for company localities. The troops arrived and moved into the areas, all moving on foot and carrying a rifle and just 50 rounds of 1st line ammunition.

We had no heavy stuff like 3" mortars, no digging tools, barbed wire, mines, or even machetes to clear the jungle.

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Bomdi La So the brigade has just 9 companies left for a defence area that required Hero of rezang la asked for another battalion 4 companiesthis was accepted, but only in principle.

Two or three days later on November 12, the first movement of the Chinese on the Poshing La was seen, so I was ordered to send all of 5 Guards. I remonstrated and said there will be no Brigade depth position left, I was told that Bomdi La had no tactical importance as envisaged then.

But before it could reach, the Chinese struck and the Guards and Assam Rifles were overwhelmed at Poshing La, and when the bulk of the Guards reached Thembang in the evening of November 16, they came under attack the following day and within hours, ran out of ammunition and requested to withdraw, I permitted them to do so.

I was left with 6 companies and to top it all, that night I was told to send two companies with the two light tanks I had to Dirang Dzong to connect up with the Div HQ. The Corps Commander Kaul came on the line and told me to move the forces regardless of the consequences.

As anticipated, the column was attacked as it left Bomdi La and the tanks were set on fire. Now I had three companies left in a place that required 16 companies to defend. Next day on November 19 about noon, having lost all heights and contacts with any of the battalions and the Div HQ. Then I heard that some forces had been left behind at Bomdi La, so I went back there and found them sitting there without taking up defensive positions, and I told them to withdraw.

Late at night, the Chinese attacked the Rupa positions and after a short fight, we had to again withdraw, this time to Chaku. By that time no control was left over the troops and they were more like stragglers moving down to the foothills.

The war saw a failure of military and political leadership of the country. Our intelligence, too, was not very good Why are we wallowing in our defeat. It was a bad show, we should forget it and move on.

Both Bisht and Govind had been prisoners of war PoW in Heroes of Rezang La War Recall The Day When Indian Jawans Killed Chinese Soldiers.

Rezang La is a mountain pass on the south-eastern approach to Chushul Valley in Ladakh, in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India. It is 3, yards long and 2, yards wide, with an average height of 16, feet.

La means a mountain pass in Tibetan language. Download Heros of Rezang La for Android. India lost the war with China. But hidden in the history books, "The Battle of Rezang La" stands out as a.

Hero of rezang la

To the sacred memory of the Heroes of Rezang La, Martyrs of 13 Kumaon who fought to the Last Man, Last Round, Against Hordes of Chinese on 18 November Built by All Ranks 13th Battalion, The Kumaon Regiment. Rezang La is one such front in Ladakh sector of Jammu and Kashmir where Indian Jawans led by a fear by fearless Major Shaitan Singh killed over Chinese within a battle of six hours or even less.

Major Shaitan Singh, the hero of the Battle of Rezang La in the Indo-China War, was awarded the Param Vir Chakra posthumously.

Hero of rezang la

He was born on 1 December .

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