Cowboys with guns during the wild west

Armed and dangerous shootists used a double-deuce of firearms when the West was young and restless! October 27, 0 0 8 0 This grizzly photograph shows the posse that brought outlaw Ned Christie to justice. The seated man in the foreground at left holds a. Was the so-called West-winning gun given this coveted title because of the great numbers in which it was produced, or for the work it accomplished?

Cowboys with guns during the wild west

Gun control advocates fear, and gun rights proponents sometimes hope, the Second Amendment will transform our cities into modern-day versions of Dodge. This is all based on a widely shared misunderstanding of the Wild West.

Gun control advocates fear -- and gun rights proponents sometimes hope -- the Second Amendment will transform our cities into modern-day versions of Dodge. Yet this is all based on a widely shared misunderstanding of the Wild West. Frontier towns -- places like Tombstone, Deadwood, and Dodge -- actually had the most restrictive gun control laws in the nation.

In fact, many of those same cities have far less burdensome gun control today then they did back in the s. Guns were obviously widespread on the frontier. Out in the untamed wilderness, you needed a gun to be safe from bandits, natives, and wildlife.

In the cities and towns of the West, however, the law often prohibited people from toting their guns around. When you entered a frontier town, you were legally required to leave your guns at the stables on the outskirts of town or drop them off with the sheriffwho would give you a token in exchange.

You checked your guns then like you'd check your overcoat today at a Boston restaurant in winter. Visitors were welcome, but their guns were not. In my new book, Gunfight: Everything looks exactly as you'd imagine: Yet right in the middle of the street is something you'd never expect.

When Dodge City residents organized their municipal government, do you know what the very first law they passed was?

Cowboys with guns during the wild west

A gun control law. They declared that "any person or persons found carrying concealed weapons in the city of Dodge or violating the laws of the State shall be dealt with according to law.

Today in Tombstone, you don't even need a permit to carry around a firearm. Gun rights advocates are pushing lawmakers in state after state to do away with nearly all limits on the ability of people to have guns in public.

Like any law regulating things that are small and easy to conceal, the gun control of the Wild West wasn't always perfectly enforced. But statistics show that, next to drunk and disorderly conduct, the most common cause of arrest was illegally carrying a firearm. Sheriffs and marshals took gun control seriously.

Although some in the gun community insist that more guns equals less crime, in the Wild West they discovered that gun control can work.

Gun violence in these towns was far more rare than we commonly imagine. Historians who've studied the numbers have determined that frontier towns averaged less than two murders a year. Granted, the population of these towns was small. Nevertheless, these were not places where duels at high noon were commonplace.

In fact, they almost never occurred. Why is our image of the Wild West so wrong? Largely for the same reason these towns adopted gun control laws in the first place: Residents wanted limits on guns in public because they wanted to attract businesspeople and civilized folk.

What prospective storeowner was going to move to Deadwood if he was likely to be robbed when he brought his daily earnings to the bank?Cowboys with Guns during the Wild Wild West In the Old West, guns played an important role in the lives of cowboys.

There were various kinds of guns that cowboys used. They fell into two categories: hand gun and rifle. The most common handguns were the Derringer and .

New Cowboy Guns Of The Old West America's love affair with cowboy guns is being rekindled with new versions of the ol' shootin' iron. There are a total of 17 Guns of the Wild West () in the Military Factory. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order (1-to-Z).

Flag images indicative of . By the s many Navies were converted to take caliber metallic cartridges and for decades the Colt Navy was one of the most popular handguns in the West. Known as the favored six-gun of James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok, other noted users include Col.

Robert E. Lee, during his service with the 2nd U.S. Cavalry in Texas in the s; John Wesley Hardin; the James-Younger gang; the Pawnee scouts; . These Wild West guns were used to tame the American West. Countless gun fights were fought on the vast landscapes of the American West.

Soldiers, cowboys, frontiersmen, bandits and sometimes Native Americans all relied on their firearms to survive the perils of the West. Here are 10 romanticized ideas about guns in the Wild West with the truth unfurled.

From paperback Westerns to "Gunsmoke" in your own living room, the Wild West has obtained a certain stigma with gun activity: duels in the streets, crack shots with one blast, and .

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