B4 21st century science notes biology

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B4 21st century science notes biology

This is not one of the Seven Simple Questions that I mentioned earlier. This is a question that stands all by itself, alone. It precedes the Seven Simple Questions, and creates a context for them.

Not enough people are asking this preceding question, much less answering it. In a little booklet I wrote in Spring, I said something that I believe is worth sharing again here: Events on the earth are not created by Unseen Forces.

Take earthquakes, for instance. They are real, they are occurring, and they are something that we are at some level creating. Take hurricanes and tornadoes and typhoons and tidal waves and tsunamis.

They are all occurring, and they are all something that we are at some level creating. Take global warming, for instance. It is real, it is occurring, and it is something that we are at some level creating. Or, for that matter, take the incredible and rapid spread of bacterial diseases sweeping across the earth.

This, too, is something that we are at some level creating. Yet could we be creating these events unconsciously? Through our unconscious that is to say, our unthinking or short-sighted behaviors. And please let me read a couple of paragraphs from the April issue of Scientific American: The practice, they argue, threatens human health by turning farms into breeding grounds of drug-resistant bacteria.

B4 21st century science notes biology

If it significantly raised prices do you think meat-buyers would pay a bit more to live a lot longer? This lapse in logic notwithstanding…who do you suppose won that debate? Follow the money trail. To put this simply, we are at least part of the problem. Because if we are part of the problem, we can also be part of the solution.

If we are not part of the problem, then we have naught but to endure it. Yet if we are part of the problem and can admit that we arethen we are not utterly at the mercy of Unseen Forces.

With regard to human affairs, as opposed to physical occurrences, this is obviously true.About this List.

These entries are from e-mail, online book lists, and the bibliographies included in books and papers.

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AfricaRice covers 24 member countries across Africa. AfricaRice is a CGIAR Consortium Research Center. Mar 23,  · THIS VIDEO IS FOR OCR 21st CENTURY SCIENCE (From ) This video was based on a mind map produced by Satnam, one of my students.

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B4 21st century science notes biology
B4, B5, B6 Complete OCR Revision Notes - Document in GCSE Biology