A summary of act 1 of the play the winters tale by william shakespeare

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A summary of act 1 of the play the winters tale by william shakespeare

Archidamus says that if Camillo were to visit Bohemia he would discover great differences between their countries. Camillo replies that he thinks that his king, Leontes, is planning a trip to Bohemia in the summer.

Abashed by how little Bohemia has to offer in comparison to Sicilia, Archidamus imagines himself serving drinks that would make the visitors so sleepy that they would not notice the barrenness of Bohemia. The lords also discuss the lifelong friendship of their two kings, as well as the virtues of the two young princes.

Camillo then joins a group that is composed of the two kings, Leontes and Polixenes, Leontes' family, and some attendants. Polixenes, King of Bohemia, is thanking Leontes for his extended hospitality in Sicilia and insisting that he, Polixenes, must return to his country's responsibilities. When it is clear that Polixenes will not yield to Leontes' entreaties to stay for a longer visit, Leontes urges his wife, Hermione, to join the effort.

Hermione succeeds in persuading Polixenes to stay.

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Leontes seems delighted that Hermione has convinced Polixenes to stay, but suddenly he reveals that he is jealous of Polixenes. Seeing that Leontes is upset, Hermione and Polixenes ask him what is wrong. Leontes, however, avoids a truthful answer by claiming that he is merely remembering when he was the age of his son.

The two kings then compare their love for their sons. Leontes takes a walk with his son, Mamillius, thinking that this will set up Polixenes and Hermione for a compromising situation.

Hermione, however, innocently discloses where she and Polixenes will be, and Leontes indulges in satiric swipes at her imagined infidelity. Then he sends Mamillius off to play, before asking for Camillo's assessment of the relationship between Hermione and Polixenes.

Camillo's straightforward responses, however, are twisted by the jealous king, and Camillo protests: The imagined bawdiness which Leontes interprets from his wife's and Polixenes' actions is wrong.

A summary of act 1 of the play the winters tale by william shakespeare

The king lashes out at Camillo, and Camillo humbly begs for a reappraisal of his reliability as an observer for the king. When Leontes insists upon a confirmation of Hermione's infidelity, a shocked Camillo criticizes his king.


Leontes then tries to extract an agreement that his list of observed actions between Hermione and Polixenes proves that his wife's and Polixenes' affair is a reality. Camillo urges the king to heal "this diseased opinion," but Leontes cannot be convinced.

He suggests that Camillo poison Polixenes. Camillo admits that he could do it, but he states that he will never believe that Hermione was unfaithful. Camillo agrees to poison Polixenes if Leontes promises not to reveal what he believes about Hermione.

Leontes promises, then joins the innocent couple. Alone, Camillo speaks of his hopeless position. Approached by Polixenes to explain Leontes' changed attitude, Camillo convinces Polixenes that they must flee together or they will both be killed by Leontes. Act II opens some time later with an obviously pregnant Hermione resting in the company of her son, Mamillius, and two ladies-in-waiting.

A summary of act 1 of the play the winters tale by william shakespeare

When Hermione requests a story, Mamillius suggests a tale about "sprites and goblins," a tale suitable for winter.The Hollywood Reporter is your source for breaking news about Hollywood and entertainment, including movies, TV, reviews and industry blogs.

In a fit of groundless jealousy, Leontes wrecks his marriage, defies the gods, destroys his family and ruins himself.

As the years roll around, a new generation flee their own country and take refuge in Sicilia. Unknowingly they bring with them the key to the past, present and future A ‘winter.

LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Winter's Tale, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Fredericksen, Erik.

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"The Winter's Tale Act 1, Scene 1." LitCharts. LitCharts LLC, 30 Apr Web. 9 Nov Fredericksen, Erik. "The Winter's Tale Act 1, Scene 1. Out of This World was a brief but quality ABC sci-fi series. Sadly some idiot wiped nearly all of the fourteen stories, leaving unlucky thirteen missing, and but one for posterity.

When Hermione requests a story, Mamillius suggests a tale about "sprites and goblins," a tale suitable for winter. As Mamillius begins the story, Leontes and Antigonus enter with a group of attendants. The Winter's Tale (Characters of the Play) William Shakespeare. The Winter’s Tale, classified as a comedy, appeared in the second volume of Rowe’s edition.

The Winter's Tale Act 1 Scene 1.

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