A review of arthur millers a view from the bridge

Original Score by Philip Glass. Costume design by Wojciech Dziedzic. Video design by Tal Yarden. Sound design by Tom Gibbons.

A review of arthur millers a view from the bridge

Synopsis[ edit ] The action is narrated by Alfieri who, being raised in s Italy but now working as an American lawyer, represents the "Bridge" between the two cultures. Act 1 — In the opening speech Alfieri describes the violent history of the small Brooklyn community of Red Hook and tells us that the second-generation Sicilians are now more civilized, more American, and are prepared to "settle for half" half measures and let the law handle their disputes.

But there are exceptions, and he then begins to narrate the story of Eddie Carbone, an Italian American longshoreman who lives with his wife Beatrice and her orphaned niece Catherine.

Eddie is a good man who, although ostensibly protective and fatherly towards Catherine, harbours a growing passion for her as she approaches her 18th birthday. We learn that he has not had sex with his wife for nearly three months.

Catherine is studying to become a stenographer and Eddie objects to her taking a job she has been offered until she finishes her coursework, expressing a dislike for the way she dresses and the interest she is beginning to show in men.

A review of arthur millers a view from the bridge

He has agreed to house them saying that he is honoured to be able to help family. Marco is quiet and thoughtful, possessing a remarkable strength, whereas Rodolpho is more unconventional, with plans to make a career singing in America. Marco has a family starving in Italy and plans to return after working illegally for several years, whereas Rodolpho intends to stay.

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Although Eddie, Beatrice, and Catherine are at first excellent hosts, cracks appear when Rodolpho and Catherine begin dating. Eddie convinces himself that Rodolpho is homosexual and is only expressing interest in Catherine so he can marry her and gain status as a legal citizen. He confronts Catherine with his beliefs and she turns to Beatrice for advice.

In the meantime, Eddie turns to Alfieri, hoping for help from the law. However, Alfieri tells him that the only recourse he has is to report Rodolpho and Marco as undocumented.

Act 2 — A few months have passed and Eddie reaches a breaking point when he discovers that Catherine and Rodolpho have slept together and are intent on marrying.

Drunk, he kisses Catherine and then attempts to prove that Rodolpho is gay by suddenly and passionately kissing him also. After a violent confrontation, Eddie orders Rodolpho to leave the apartment.

Eddie visits Alfieri and insists that the kiss has proved Rodolpho is gay and that he is only marrying Catherine for citizenship, but once again Alfieri says the law cannot help. Out of desperation, Eddie phones immigration services but in the meantime Beatrice has arranged for Marco and Rodolpho to move in with two other undocumented immigrants in the flat above.

Eddie learns that Catherine and Rodolpho have arranged to marry within a week and about the two new immigrants that have moved into the building and, with both anger and fright, frantically urges Catherine and Beatrice to move them out.

When immigration officials arrive and arrest Marco, Rodolpho, and the two other immigrants, Eddie pretends that the arrest comes as a complete surprise to him, but Beatrice and Marco see through this. Eddie tries to convince the neighborhood of his innocence but they turn away from him.

Alfieri visits Marco and Rodolpho in custody, obtaining their release on bail until their hearing comes up. Alfieri explains that Rodolpho will be able to stay once he has married Catherine but warns Marco that he will have to return to Italy.

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Vengeful, Marco confronts Eddie publicly on his release, and Eddie turns on him with a knife, demanding that he take back his accusations and restore his honour.

In the ensuing scuffle, Eddie is stabbed with his own knife and dies, as his stunned family and neighbours stand around.

But, he tells the audience, settling for half-measures is better, it must be, and so he mourns Eddie with a sense of alarm at his own feelings.

It ran for performances. The limited, week engagement, directed by Gregory Mosherbegan with previews on December 28,and officially opened on January 24, It ran until April 4, From October through Februarya production of the play that originated at the Young Vic Theatre in London in ran on Broadway at the Lyceum Theatre featuring its original London cast.

Time Out called the production "near perfect" and the New Statesman called it "one of the finest events to be presented at the National Theatre since it moved to the South Bank.

It ran until May 16, The Young Vic production later moved to Broadway with its British cast intact. Vallone also played Eddie in that version. Radio[ edit ] L.

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Theatre Works released a radio adaptation of the play in BBC Radio 3 produced a radio adaptation in Awards and nominations[ edit ].A View from the Bridge review – Miller reinvented with visceral power Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge is set in Red Hook, A View from the Bridge.

Get this from a library! Critical essays on Arthur Miller. [James J Martine;] -- Reviews and criticism of such Miller plays as Death of a Salesman, An Enemy of the People, The Crucible, and After the Fall are presented, as well as brief essays on his short stories.

The Cold War on the Waterfront: Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge and Elia Kazan's On the Waterfront Robert Shulman University of Washington The Cold War of my title refers partly to the American Inquisition of the.

LibraryThing Review User Review - varwenea - LibraryThing. A View from the Bridge: A Play in Two Acts with a New Introd Arthur Miller Limited preview - A View from the Bridge: Play in Two Acts A View from the Bridge Arthur Miller Limited preview - 4/5(16). Review of Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge This week I chose to read the play "A View from the Bridge" written by Arthur Miller.

Arthur Miller was born on October 17th, , in New York City. Ivo van Hove's 'A View From the Bridge' is an American tragedy waiting to happen "A play is rarely given a second chance," Arthur Miller once wrote.

The Price by Arthur Miller